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*** Not On The Menu Special ***

For a limited time!!!

Larb Salmon Belly Salad

Get your omega-3 naturally from the oil-rich salmon belly! Succulent salmon belly, mixed harmoniously with fresh herbs of mint, onions, cilantro that’s married with homemade rice powder and fresh lime juice painstakingly squeezed by hand!


Spice Disclaimer Agreement

We do things SPICY here! Like Thai spicy, but Lao spicy, which can be EXTREMELY spicy!
By ordering a spicy dish, you agree that you were warned that it’s spicy and that we weren’t kidding.


Not Spicy


Little Spicy (Mild)


Medium Spicy (Regular)


Spicy Level 1 – 4


Spicy Level 5 – 7
$ 0.59


Spicy Level 8 – 9
$ 0.79


Spicy Level 10
$ 0.99