Lao Food and Thai Food Made with Love

Laotian Food – Stunning Lao Fish Salad | Village Cooking in Laos!

Laotian Food – Stunning Lao Fish Salad | Village Cooking in Laos!

Featuring Mark Weins:

During my trip to Vientiane, we decided to take a day trip to a small village called Ban Hatkai located right on the outskirts of Phou Khao Khouay National Bio-Diversity Conservation Area in Laos. The main goal of the trip was to visit the village and especially learn about local Lao Lum food (ລາວລຸ່ມ)

It was about a 2 hour drive to get there, and we stopped a few minutes outside of Vientiane first to visit a market and buy some ingredients. But the best thing about markets is that there’s always also some pre-cooked food available – and for breakfast in Laos, that means sticky rice and grilled meat! We got some quail and grilled dried buffalo lungs, both of which were delicious.

Ban Hatkhai – Ban Hatkai is a beautiful quiet village, and we arrived to the home, a beautiful wooden Laos traditional home. She immediately got started cooking, chopping all the vegetables and herbs, and steaming the sticky rice.

Koi paa – Lao fish mixed dish – For me this was the highlight of our meal. The fish was sliced thin, flash blanched, mixed with all sorts of fresh herbs, and toasted sticky rice powder, and seasoned with fish sauce.

Jaew – Any type of Lao dip – She made both an eggplant and a tomato jaew, both of which were delicious to eat with vegetables.

The best part of this meal and Lao food experience was all of us sitting down to eat together, sitting around a colorful spread of Lao food. The food was heavy on the vegetables and herbs, nutritious, and delicious.