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GoFundMe: Lao Thai Kitchen Hit by Storm

GoFundMe: Lao Thai Kitchen Hit by Storm

Dear Everyone,

We are truly sorry for our closure for the past weeks, we were caught by the storm over the holidays, throughout New Year, and are still recovering from the damages caused by Mother Nature. We need the rain! However, the storm was too much for us to handle which caused structural damage from the roof to the ceiling, completely collapsing the ceiling, as shown in the picture. — We are very thankful that no one was hurt from it!

We want to thank many of our patrons who personally contacted us and encouraged us to open a GoFundMe. We appreciate any support and we are truly grateful from it! The support is beyond patrons, community, or friends, very much might as well call it, family. Thank you.


Lao Thai Kitchen

Click here to be directed to the GoFundMe page. Thank you.