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Sien Hang, Lao Beef Jerky

Sien Hang, Lao Beef Jerky

*LTK Tip: Enjoy Sien Hang tradionally with Sticky Rice. Or have it as a snack, high in protien!

[Sien Hang] is a Laotian style of beef jerky made from a lean cut of eye round, loin, or sirloin, sliced into long thin strips and seasoned with an array of local spices. The traditional seasoning includes garlic, ginger, padaek (fermented fish sauce), lemongrass, red chilis, brown sugar, and black pepper.

After the meat is marinated, it is left out in the sun to dry out and it is sometimes flash-fried just before serving, only to ensure it is warm and to intensify the flavors of the marinade. The resulting jerky is a favorite snack to nibble on while enjoying a cold beer, but it can even be consumed as a dish of its own alongside sticky rice and jeow dipping sauce.

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