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Pra Ram: Vegetables with a Blast of Peanut Sauce

Pra Ram: Vegetables with a Blast of Peanut Sauce

Vegetables are healthy but they don’t have to lack flavor. We make vegetables enjoyable with nothing but flavor, steamed mixed vegetables topped with peanut sauce goodness!

Along with your dose of veggies, you can add your dose of protein of your choice: chicken, beef, pork, prawns, seafood, or keep it all veggies with tofu.

Here’s an insider secret, some of our customers prefer no protein. That tells you a lot on how good it is with or without protein! Popular choices, however, are with chicken or tofu.

Add carbs to make it a full meal with steamed jasmine rice, healthy brown rice or traditional sticky rice!

Oh, and don’t forget dessert, sweet sticky rice and mango, but do check for availability since mango peak seasons are from May through September. Order it now!